The Grandover is currently booked for May 19th.  A company has reserved all of the rooms for a convention scheduled for the 20th; however, it is very likely that the convention will not be held at the Grandover, and a large number of rooms will become available April 15th.  Our contact at the Grandover suggested making a reservation at The Sheraton Greensboro (336) 292-9161, a sister hotel of the Grandover, who has availability.  The Grandover will provide a free shuttle service for guests staying at the Sheraton.  You can reserve a room at the Sheraton and check back with the Grandover April 15th or 16th.  You will be able to cancel the reservation with the Sheraton.  As a result of this unfortunate situation we have extended the R.S.V.P. request date to April 20th.  Please feel free to contact Adam or Cassandra if you encounter any problems booking a room.  Adam can be reached at kingzo@comcast.net or (540) 239-4057 and Cassandra can be reached at (336) 692-7005.

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